CHINA 1995 – 1997



Tibetan monk novitiates - Labrang Monastery - Xiahe, Gansu

Ji'an church Sunday lunch

Family Kitchen - Ji'an

Pied Piper of Ji'an

Tibetan boys camping on the grasslands

School's out! Countryside school


Ji'an church


Qingyuan Mountain Temple

Noodle maker in Jintan

Ji'an laundry day

Pilgrimage - Labrang Monastery

Pig Face - Kunming market

"Jeffrey" in the dorm

Near Dali


Along the road to Jintan

She refused to bargain with me

Old Town - Ji'an

Open wide

Brooms and Mops - Old Town Ji'an

Ji'an rice fields - autumn

Sunday morning

Holding hands but never speaking to one another

Family kitchen

Young boy in church

Qigong Circles

The tinsmith's shop